Steve passionately believes in the potential of people to achieve their aspirations and goals in all aspects of their lives. He has worked largely within the public sector during times of massive change, partnering with leaders from all backgrounds to grow a strengths-based culture based on valuing others, kindness and encouragement. He believes that this approach creates a far more fulfilling work environment, whilst generating continuous improvement with increased engagement and performance.

Steve is an experienced and inspirational Leadership and Management facilitator and trainer. He is also a highly skilled and insightful Personal and Executive Coach. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, which he uses to inform much of his work. He is convinced that everybody has excellent solutions, resources and ideas within them – they just need help in unlocking them.

Steve works with people to help them explore and discover their keys. He is committed to making strategic Modern Learning a reality in organisations and adopts an innovative and measurable approach to make this happen.

He practices Mindfulness, Reiki and is a strong advocate of managing work/life balance. He does voluntary work with the Samaritans and in helping people recover from addiction.
Steve loves walking with his two schnauzers, exploring music old and new, reading and learning new things.

‘I have recently been coached by Steve and I have to say it was the most useful and eye-opening two hours of my career’


Senior Leader, HMRC