Hannilee is passionate about wellbeing. After her own experience of burn-out, it spurred her on to becoming an advocate for awareness and change in the way people behave in and out of the office. She is a mindfulness practitioner, an international speaker and author of One Minute Miracles.

Hannilee has taught mindfulness to individuals and companies in an easy and accessible way. Her book, One Minute Miracles has led her to speaking all over the world, on Sky News and BBC Radio. It is through the tools in her book that Hannilee has been training individuals and companies in Resilience and Wellbeing. 


She is also a litigator and is a member of Inner Temple, where she blends advocacy, law and wellbeing. As a ‘voice’ for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global and a Sunday Times Rising Star finalist, she has a passion for making a difference.    

‘Hannilee is a courageous and inspiring meditation teacher. She has a gift for putting people at ease and enabling them to step outside their comfort zone - an important skill when trying to introduce meditation/mindfulness into the civil service. She communicates her passion for meditation in a way that is clear and relatable.’  Senior Lawyer, HMRC